Decision Wizard

Welcome to the Decision Wizard. This tool is designed to step you through a simple process to develop a decision matrix. It works best with difficult or complex decisions, where many things need to be weighed up, but these considerations may not be of equal importance. You define the decision, and the Wizard will guide you through the process.

The decision matrix you create can be saved, printed and exported for later reference. To save your decision matrices you need to register and create an account. Your details will be kept secure and only used to regain access to past examples.

There is also the opportunity for you to share your decision matrix in the decision library, so other people wanting to make a similar decision can search and gain inspiration from your thinking. Saving your matrix to the decision library only occurs if you give permission and you will remain anonymous.

The and button steps you through the process. You can also track your progress and return to various steps by clicking on the page headings.

So let’s get started